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Create a safe password with the Password-Generator

It is pretty hard to remember passwords. The free online password generator offers the chance, to create random passwords online, for free and for use on the internet and offline.

Creating and using a safe password

Here you find some criteria that positively influence the strength of passwords. The free online password generator you see above generates these kinds of passwords. Y.

"Starkes" Kennwort

You should always use some random password. Passwords, that can be tracked back to you (name, pet, date of birt and so on) are an absolute no-go. Also, every password that can be found in a a dictionary shound never be used, since it can easily be guessed by hackers. Seien Sie kreativ! Be creative! Think about a password with a lot of differen characters and a length of at least eight characters. Maybe you can build some personal hint to remember the password and make it memorizable. As an alternative, of course, you can use the password generator to create a new and safe password. You can still alter and extend the newly created password.

Multiple passwords

Of course, it is easiest to use only one password for all services. However, if strangers ever come into possession of your password, the damage will be way smaller, if the hacker, for example, only has access to your eBay account, but can not retrieve your e-mails or shop online with your Amazon account. Unfortunately, there is no way around generating new passwords from time to time if you want to be on the safe side permanently. You have to find a balance between practicability and safety. Try not to be lazy. It’s not easy, but you might thank yourself in the future.

Safe storage

In the best case, you should remember all the passwords that you use. Since we recommend the use of different, randomly generated passwords, our experience has shown that it is hardly possible to have all the words constantly at hand. To ensure maximum security, you should never store your passwords as a document on your computer. We recommend using software that manages your passwords and encrypts them all with a master password. Another option is to simply write down the passwords and store them in a safe place. Simpler, but possibly not less safe.

Dealing with software

Even the best password can easily be rendered ineffectively if cybercriminals read your password input using a "keylogger". On the other hand, you can be very effective in protecting yourself by keeping your software up-to-date. Whenever you a online, we recommend using a virus scanner and a firewall. In addition, you should never reveal your passwords on external websites. Emails often try to attract you to pages that imitate their original counterparty, but only exist to steal passwords. Reputable companies will never ask you to provide your password. If you have to share passwords with another person, a personal telephone call might be the best option. Alternatively you can use services like But try to never share passwords via a simple e-mail.

You can find more information about safe passwords here: Passwort. Also, there is a German post on ScareWare about safe passwords: ScareWare - Passwörter.